A native Texan, singer/songwriter Hank Slaughter has been
writing music his whole life and playing guitar since leaving the
film and television industry after eight years as a professional
stunt man. Now, with a combination of acoustic versions of
classic rock songs; rockin', toe-tapping country tunes and his
own original story-tellers, Hank provides an entertaining and
relaxing evening of music and laughter.

A self-proclaimed "show off", Hank plays for the joy of the music,
the fun of entertaining people, and the occasional
free beer!          
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Hank Slaughter
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"On A Mission"
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Now based in Dallas, Hank has been writing & playing music as long as
he can remember. Starting on drums at an early age, he soon learned
the guitar was more portable and, frankly, “chicks dig guitar players"
he says. "It’s hard to serenade a woman with a 7-piece drum kit.”

A multitude of musical influences have shaped his sound since then.
Everything from Rush to Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd to the Dixie Chicks
and Iron Maiden to Abba. “If I like a song, I like it. Period,” says Hank.
“rock or country or pop or metal or Aztec Indian folk music. Good is

Hank often tries to turn a song on its head. Whether playing a power
ballad with a gentle fingerpick style or pounding out a Brad Paisley
love song with the distortion turned up to eleven, Hank is all about
change. “If people want to hear Bryan Adams, they’re going to turn on
Bryan Adams. When people come to my show, they like the familiar
songs but they want to hear something a little different too.”
With all of these influences, it’s no wonder his
original songs have been compared to everything
from Hootie and the Blowfish to John Michael
Montgomery. His guitar work, usually played on
his custom-made arch-top named “Linus”, is simple,
rich, and uncluttered leaving more room for his
deep and insightful lyrics. “I want to
MAKE people
listen to the story I’m telling. And when they do
and I see that look on their face that says, ‘wow’,
and I know they get it...well, that’s the best feeling
in the world.”
After living in The Netherlands and making fans throughout Europe and the UK, he released his
first album, "
I'm The One," in 2003. Collaborating with lyricist and Army buddy Tim Phillips
along with producer Hans Wolters, he released "
Southern Anthem" in 2006. His last project,
On A Mission," was recorded in the West African country of Sierra Leone. Hank is currently in
studio working on his fourth album.